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Click here to watchSloppy Agape
Length: 4:01
Aired: 2/27/14
Views: 655

A little lesson about the four types of Love.
Click here to watchJob Review
Length: 3:19
Aired: 12/3/13
Views: 522

How to fire an evil Henchman.
Click here to watchShowdown
Length: 2:57
Aired: 12/3/13
Views: 523

Good vs. Evil meet in a Diner.
Click here to watchEye of the Tither
Length: 3:41
Aired: 8/27/12
Views: 1432

A wild remake of a classic 80's tune...
Click here to watchBullhorn Relationships
Length: 2:31
Aired: 8/14/12
Views: 1131

Need some new dating skills? Well, check this out!
Click here to watchThe Money Tree
Length: 3:26
Aired: 8/14/12
Views: 1005

A little lesson about money and life.
Click here to watchThe Operation
Length: 1:59
Aired: 7/3/12
Views: 1022

How NOT to Operate...
Click here to watchIn the Know-Ninevah
Length: 2:59
Aired: 7/3/12
Views: 884

Our Sheppard friends tell us all about Ninevah.
Click here to watchThe Waiting Room
Length: 3:57
Aired: 7/2/12
Views: 952

Everything is in HIS time, not ours...
Click here to watchMy Character
Length: 3:30
Aired: 9/18/11
Views: 1459

My character would not do that.
Click here to watchMore Wise Counsel
Length: 2:52
Aired: 9/4/11
Views: 1432

I would not do that.
Click here to watchInstructions
Length: 2:54
Aired: 8/14/11
Views: 1183

Shouldn't everything come with instructions?
Click here to watchMosaic
Length: 1:46
Aired: 8/7/11
Views: 1121

An artist speaks of creation.
Click here to watchWitnesses
Length: 3:19
Aired: 7/24/11
Views: 1124

People talking about things they have witnessed that they will never forget.
Click here to watchGrowing The Body
Length: 2:52
Aired: 6/5/11
Views: 1317

A little ditty from the folk singer from a doctor's closet.
Click here to watchI'm Not Going
Length: 2:42
Aired: 5/29/11
Views: 1298

A businessman does not want to go to see friends after work.
Click here to watchTwo Inches
Length: 3:21
Aired: 4/10/11
Views: 1423

Two people fight over a parking spot
Click here to watchSubtext
Length: 3:14
Aired: 4/3/11
Views: 1295

Board meeting where everyone says what is really on their mind.
Click here to watchGPS 3000
Length: 2:07
Aired: 3/13/11
Views: 1507

Commercial for the God Positioning System.
Click here to watchThe Therapist
Length: 3:28
Aired: 2/20/11
Views: 1528

A series of people in therapy.
Click here to watchThe Guiding Light
Length: 4:08
Aired: 12/26/10
Views: 1398

A daytime-drama parody for Christmas.
Click here to watchChristmas Fairy Tale
Length: 3:42
Aired: 12/24/10
Views: 1396

The Christmas story told in fairy tale style.
Click here to watchSpotlight On Fame
Length: 3:41
Aired: 12/19/10
Views: 1363

A talk show parody.
Click here to watchThe Birthday Candle
Length: 2:02
Aired: 12/5/10
Views: 1724

Satan tries to blow out a birthday candle.
Click here to watchChristianity 101 - Obedience
Length: 2:55
Aired: 11/17/10
Views: 1386

BADD explains the basics of God and the Bible.
Click here to watchChristianity 101 - Bible
Length: 2:39
Aired: 10/31/10
Views: 1601

BADD explains the basics of God and the Bible.
Click here to watchChristianity 101 - Blood
Length: 2:47
Aired: 10/24/10
Views: 1482

BADD explains the basics of God and the Bible.
Click here to watchChristianity 101 - Free Will
Length: 2:47
Aired: 10/17/10
Views: 1149

BADD explains the basics of God and the Bible
Click here to watchChristianity 101 - God
Length: 2:23
Aired: 10/10/10
Views: 1623

BADD explains the basics of God and the Bible.
Click here to watchThe Performance Review
Length: 4:07
Aired: 9/5/10
Views: 1886

A Christian discovers the standards he's measured against in his job's performance review have nothing to do with sales quotas.
Click here to watchA Christian, a Muslim and a Jew walk into a bar
Length: 4:08
Aired: 8/29/10
Views: 1964

A Christian, a Muslim and a Jew walk into a bar...that pretty much covers it.
Click here to watchWe Belong Together
Length: 3:07
Aired: 8/22/10
Views: 1660

The stages of family.
Click here to watchVoices From Prison
Length: 2:45
Aired: 8/8/10
Views: 1730

A piece that shows how powerful people have changed the world from prison.
Click here to watchMoving On
Length: 3:19
Aired: 7/11/10
Views: 1742

James has difficulty moving on.
Click here to watchGeneral Paul
Length: 2:53
Aired: 6/20/10
Views: 1498

BADD parody of Patton.
Click here to watchTKO
Length: 3:51
Aired: 6/6/10
Views: 1673

Delegates from the Presbytery clash in the boxing ring.
Click here to watchThe Killer
Length: 3:04
Aired: 4/18/10
Views: 2060

A modern retelling/re-imagining of Paul's conversion story.
Click here to watchIt Came From Beyond The Grave
Length: 4:12
Aired: 4/11/10
Views: 1746

What might happen if God allowed a rich man to come back from the dead to warn his friends about the dangers they'll face in the afterlife.
Click here to watchPharisees
Length: 2:12
Aired: 3/21/10
Views: 1825

A dramatic retelling of the parable of The Pharisee and the Tax Collector.
Click here to watchClarity
Length: 3:39
Aired: 3/7/10
Views: 1924

A skit about Luke 16:1-9.
Click here to watchLeague of Super Churches
Length: 4:06
Aired: 2/7/10
Views: 2116

A comic book tale of Super Churches working together to stop evil in its tracks.
Click here to watchJesus Rocks
Length: 2:50
Aired: 1/3/10
Views: 2650

Musical parody of Jail House Rock.
Click here to watchBethlehem Bowl
Length: 4:03
Aired: 12/20/09
Views: 2225

Play by play and color commentary of the clash between the God Squad and the Demonic Forces of the Underworld.
Click here to watchA Lifetime of Christmas
Length: 3:38
Aired: 12/11/09
Views: 1982

An animation exploring all the phases of a character's life discussing opinions on Christmas.
Click here to watchThe Unforgiving Servant
Length: 4:29
Aired: 11/15/09
Views: 1976

Black Box Parables: Film noir version of The Parable of The Unforgiving Servant
Click here to watchThe Pearl of Great Price
Length: 4:36
Aired: 11/8/09
Views: 2276

Black Box Parables: Opera version of The Parable of The Pearl of Great Price.
Click here to watchThe Wicked Tenants
Length: 3:28
Aired: 11/1/09
Views: 1866

Black Box Parables: Crime drama version of The Parable of The Wicked Tenants.
Click here to watchThe Laborers in the Vineyard
Length: 3:53
Aired: 10/25/09
Views: 1924

Black Box Parables: Game show version of The Parable of The Laborers in the Vineyard.
Click here to watchThe Elder Brother
Length: 4:47
Aired: 9/27/09
Views: 1912

Black Box Parables: Shakespearean version of The Parable of the Prodigal Son (The Elder Brother).
Click here to watchThe Prodigal Son
Length: 4:45
Aired: 9/20/09
Views: 1903

Black Box Parables: Fairy tale version of The Parable of the Prodigal Son.
Click here to watchFamily Reunion
Length: 3:28
Aired: 9/13/09
Views: 1931

A young couple mingle at a family reunion with the Christian brothers and sisters who have come before them.
Click here to watchModern Intellectual
Length: 3:12
Aired: 9/6/09
Views: 2299

Sing along with Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx and Charles Darwin.
Click here to watchConversion
Length: 2:58
Aired: 8/30/09
Views: 2109

A commercial for the new board game that could save your soul.
Click here to watchCalvin's Birthday Roast
Length: 3:05
Aired: 8/23/09
Views: 1698

Celebrity roast of John Calvin.
Click here to watchHelluva Job Interview
Length: 3:55
Aired: 8/16/09
Views: 1879

A demon seeks new career opportunities
Click here to watchSea Trek
Length: 3:29
Aired: 7/26/09
Views: 1967

Ocean parody of Star Trek.
Click here to watchIn My Day
Length: 2:44
Aired: 7/19/09
Views: 1967

The more things change...
Click here to watchAdvice From Famous Fathers
Length: 3:25
Aired: 6/21/09
Views: 2479

Parenting skills from Darth Vader.
Click here to watchWe Have A Name
Length: 2:02
Aired: 5/31/09
Views: 2093

For those who inflate their accounting, easily flare into anger, struggle with addiction and over-medicate themselves
Click here to watchIntervention
Length: 4:18
Aired: 5/24/09
Views: 2243

A BADD parody of A&E's "Intervention".
Click here to watchRicky & Robbie
Length: 2:22
Aired: 5/17/09
Views: 2186

Ricky and Robbie make choices everyday.
Click here to watchGuess Who
Length: 2.44
Aired: 5/17/09
Views: 2275

Jesus plays guess who.
Click here to watchTestimonial 1
Length: 1:31
Aired: 5/17/09
Views: 1884

Sometimes you backslide.
Click here to watchTestimonial 2
Length: 2.17
Aired: 5/17/09
Views: 1790

Everybody has their demons.
Click here to watchA Very BADD Church Service (Promo)
Length: 1:03
Aired: 5/17/09
Views: 2328

Sketches are fun. But what if BADD ran an entire worship service?
Click here to watchYo Momma
Length: 3:53
Aired: 5/10/09
Views: 4031

A music video only a mother could love. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!
Click here to watchThis Has Been A Test
Length: 2:59
Aired: 5/3/09
Views: 2594

A man gets the results of a test in the mail.
Click here to watchThe Crusades MCCLXIV
Length: 2:22
Aired: 4/26/09
Views: 2328

Get up-to-date news on all the exciting Crusade action.
Click here to watchWitness Protection
Length: 3:41
Aired: 4/19/09
Views: 2161

A family is thrown into the Witness Protection program.
Click here to watchThe Letter
Length: 3:34
Aired: 4/5/09
Views: 2275

A woman gets a letter.
Click here to watchLamenting
Length: 3:05
Aired: 3/22/09
Views: 2079

The cry for things to be right.
Click here to watchEaster At The Hollywood Bowl
Length: 0:43
Aired: 3/22/09
Views: 1902

A commercial for Bel Air Presbyterian Church's Easter service at the Hollywood Bowl.
Click here to watchIt's All Releve
Length: 4:01
Aired: 3/15/09
Views: 1962

Two of our members testify to their struggles with doubt during the opening of their performing arts studio.
Click here to watchThe Janitor
Length: 3:15
Aired: 3/8/09
Views: 2522

On his deathbed, a Janitor is visited by a long line of people he influenced over his lifetime.
Click here to watchIrreplaceable
Length: 2:39
Aired: 11/9/08
Views: 2883

Music Video Parody of Beyonce's Irreplaceable.
Click here to watchNorm's Notes Bible
Length: 3:12
Aired: 9/14/08
Views: 2217

Now you can get the complete works of the Bible in pamphlet form!
Click here to watchDo Your Part
Length: 3:34
Aired: 7/13/08
Views: 2638

Volunteering makes our church great!
Click here to watchBarbarians At The BBQ
Length: 3:13
Aired: 6/29/08
Views: 2918

What if the fall of civilization began in your back yard?
Click here to watchUnity Commercial
Length: 4:02
Aired: 6/22/08
Views: 2642

A commercial to promote church unity.
Click here to watchForever is Never Enough
Length: 5:19
Aired: 6/15/08
Views: 2468

A BADD parody of James Bond.
Click here to watchI Never Said That
Length: 1:12
Aired: 6/1/08
Views: 4718

A sketch about saying something that someone said when they never said it and then they say they never said that. Get it?
Click here to watchWe Are One
Length: 2:47
Aired: 5/25/08
Views: 2200

A visual mosaic expressing how we are all one in Christ.
Click here to watchThe Rookie
Length: 2:45
Aired: 4/27/08
Views: 2622

When overeager missionaries go bad.
Click here to watchWho Needs Salt
Length: 3:05
Aired: 4/13/08
Views: 2366

A video debate on whether the church is relevant.
Click here to watchSo You're a Christian
Length: 3:14
Aired: 4/6/08
Views: 3169

A Christian and an Atheist walk into a bar...I mean, a coffee shop...
Click here to watchA-Can-Emy Awards
Length: 2:08
Aired: 2/17/08
Views: 2274

Bel Air Presbyterian church's food drive promo.
Click here to watchLast Supper
Length: 1:20
Aired: 2/10/08
Views: 2383

An updating of DaVinci's Last Supper asks the question, "Who's invited to the table".
Click here to watchTop 10 Reasons To Join The Bel Air Choir
Length: 1:53
Aired: 2/3/08
Views: 2541

A parody of David Letterman's Top 10 List
Click here to watchSet The Record Straight
Length: 4:01
Aired: 1/13/08
Views: 2243

An interview with Jacob
Click here to watchThe Tightwad Zone
Length: 4:55
Aired: 10/28/07
Views: 2755

A "Twighlight Zone" parody on giving to the church.
Click here to watchSatan's Bio
Length: 3:38
Aired: 9/23/07
Views: 2789

An interview with Lucifer.
Click here to watchThe Gardener
Length: 2:55
Aired: 9/16/07
Views: 2254

A short drama about pruning.
Click here to watchJust Call Me Trinity
Length: 3:18
Aired: 9/9/07
Views: 2491

An introduction to the Trinity.
Click here to watchJacob's Match
Length: 3:50
Aired: 9/2/07
Views: 5813

A play by play of Jacob's wrestling match with God complete with commentary.
Click here to watchThe Tortoise & the Stairs
Length: 3:30
Aired: 7/29/07
Views: 2489

Patience is a virtue.
Click here to watchThe Gospel of Action Trailers
Length: 1:21
Aired: 7/22/07
Views: 2227

Trailers for a sermon series.
Click here to watchCareer Day
Length: 5:46
Aired: 7/8/07
Views: 3577

A look at two different choices.
Click here to watchThe Small Group
Length: 4:38
Aired: 1/21/07
Views: 3867

A parody of NBC's "The Office".
Click here to watchI Love the 1590's
Length: 4:03
Aired: 1/1/07
Views: 2518

Another BADD parody.
Click here to watchRejected Christmas Carols (Part 1)
Length: 5:53
Aired: 12/3/06
Views: 2689

The Well Intentioned Singers perform holiday parodies of popular songs.
Click here to watchRejected Christmas Carols (Part 2)
Length: 6:31
Aired: 12/3/06
Views: 2224

The Well Intentioned Singers perform holiday parodies of popular songs.
Click here to watchWho Sinned First?
Length: 5:25
Aired: 8/13/06
Views: 2770

A parody of the classic Abbott and Costello routine.
Click here to watchTithing Tricks
Length: 3:37
Aired: 8/10/06
Views: 3040

You too can be wealthy just by purchasing self-made millionaire, Stewie Jacobs, new book, "Tithing Tricks".
Click here to watchOn the List
Length: 4:23
Aired: 7/23/06
Views: 2440

Getting in to the best clubs doesn't always require what you might think.
Click here to watchDay in the Life
Length: 5:36
Aired: 7/17/06
Views: 2610

If you don't slow down, you could miss the scenery.
Click here to watchDr. Phil & the First Family
Length: 6:46
Aired: 4/30/06
Views: 2817

Pretty much what the title says.
Click here to watchThe Mother
Length: 6:14
Aired: 4/13/06
Views: 2243

A different perspective of the cross.
Click here to watchThe Call
Length: 4:18
Aired: 3/12/06
Views: 2897

Moses gets a call.
Click here to watchFear Factor
Length: 3:56
Aired: 2/26/06
Views: 2374

A badd parody of NBC's Fear Factor.
Click here to watchThe J.C.
Length: 2:09
Aired: 12/18/05
Views: 2521

A parody of the O.C.
Click here to watchUshers
Length: 3:12
Aired: 11/1/05
Views: 2443

USHERS follows ushers on their patrols and other usher activities. A parody of the documentary television series COPS.
Click here to watchEaster Then & Now
Length: 4:26
Aired: 3/27/05
Views: 2381

A look at the difference between how we look at Easter today.
Click here to watchSilent Movie
Length: 4:18
Aired: 1/1/05
Views: 2329

Is our hero ready to journey out into the world?
Click here to watchI Love Bel Air
Length: 3:19
Aired: 1/1/04
Views: 2181

Musical parody of "I Love LA".
Click here to watchThe Execution
Length: 4:42
Aired: 1/1/04
Views: 2196

How a Roman soldier may have told his version of Jesus' crucifixion.
Click here to watchParable of the Wedding Feast
Length: 3:39
Aired: 1/1/04
Views: 2459

A new look at the parable from Matt 22:2-14.
Click here to watchBehind the Music
Length: 4:17
Aired: 1/1/04
Views: 2629

Take an intimate look into the personal life of pop music's King David and trace his struggles, setbacks and successes in the parody of VH1's "Behind The Music".
Click here to watchChristianese
Length: 2:48
Aired: 1/1/04
Views: 3856

Maybe you've already tried to learn Christianese but realized it was all in vain. Don't give up. It's time to change your approach!
Click here to watchFather's Day Show Down
Length: 2:28
Aired: 1/1/04
Views: 2369

A western about two drifters in a remote kitchen and their uneasy alliance that crumbles when they face off against each other in a race for fresh baked cookies.
Click here to watchThe Master's Card
Length: 1:06
Aired: 1/1/04
Views: 2500

A parody of the classic MasterCard commercial.
Click here to watchModern Church Historical
Length: 2:42
Aired: 1/1/04
Views: 2369

Paul Aldrich sings his parody of "A Modern Major General".
Click here to watchFlying Fists of Fury
Length: 4:50
Aired: 1/1/04
Views: 2507

Our low budget solution to helping the church budget.
Click here to watchSoul Survivor
Length: 6:48
Aired: 12/31/69
Views: 2548

A badd "Survivor" parody.
Click here to watchIt's A Wonderful Tithe
Length: 5:45
Aired: 12/31/69
Views: 3478

A look at tithing to the church in the form of a parody of "It's A Wonderful Life".